How to Use a Virtual Number to Stop Spam Calls

How to Use a Virtual Number to Stop Spam Calls Cloud SIM App

Spam phone calls are a nightmare because even when you take all the correct steps to stop them from coming in, they still happen. Spam calls come in every day, and if you want to get rid of them, you need to get smarter.

There are a lot of techniques you can use to stop a spam call, but one you’ve probably not given any thought to is a virtual phone number.

Understanding Virtual Phone Numbers

The virtual phone number is exactly what you’d assume it to be – a phone number that operates over the internet instead of acting like a traditional phone number. CloudSIM app allows you to attach another number to your internet connection, and it’s one that you can use for all the same things you’d need a traditional number for.

How does this help? Well, spam calls typically use a phone number database to make calls, and a virtual number is a great way to deal with that.

How Does a Phone Number Database Work?

If you sign up for something, you’ll most likely be asked for a phone number as part of the required information. Depending on what you agree to, some businesses will sell your information – including the phone number – to other companies.

These companies then verify that the number is correct and will sell it again for cold marketing. This is how a lot of people wind up on spam call lists.

Considering that up to 70% of websites will give or sell your data to other companies, you can’t easily avoid this issue. Instead, your best bet is to give them a virtual number.

‍Answer Calls With a Virtual Number

Using a virtual number is a safe way of protecting yourself from spam calls.

A virtual number works just the same as a free number when you’re signing up for things, but you can screen calls a lot easier. If you have a phone number which is used only for signing up for things, then you know any calls you receive are spam, for example. You can also change your availability via the CloudSIM app.

How to Use a Virtual Number to Stop Spam Calls Cloud SIM App

Keep Track Of Information With Ease

It might not feel like you’ve made a difference in stopping spam calls – the lingering inference that your personal information is up for sale can leave many unsettled.

Using a virtual phone number can help a lot with keeping track of your personal information and who is dispensing it. This approach is an invested one, but it can be useful, and we’re happy to help you with it.

If you have multiple phone numbers through the CloudSIM app, then you’ll be able to give each company a different number and see who has sold your data based on which number is called. This helps you with decision-making.

As you can see, spam calls can become a thing of the past with the CloudSIM app. We’re here to help you stay safe and secure because we know how important that can be.

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