How to Use a Virtual Number to Register With Shien

How to Use a Virtual Number to Register With Shien Cloud SIM App

Nearly everybody participates in online shopping these days because it’s easy to do because the results can be highly lucrative. However, one of the things that people struggle most with when it comes to online shopping is debating whether or not to use Shien.

As an online platform, Shien is one of the most popular for fashion lovers everywhere, but one of the big issues is the fact that you have to register a phone number with the site to use it – opening yourself up to all the normal problems that come from giving any company your personal details. Luckily, Cloud SIM App makes it easy to avoid this with the use of a second phone number.

Why Do You Need to Add a Phone Number?

When you make a new account with Shien, you’re asked to add a phone number to the system to use the platform. This is for a few different reasons.

First of all, Shien is using it as a tool for verifying that the account you’ve created is one you can access – you input the number and confirm it’s your account. Second of all, it helps to give you a way back into the account if you forget your login details.

Why You Don’t Want to Use Your Phone Number

Here’s the thing – while you may have an obligation to give your phone number to Shien as part of the process, the last thing that you want to do is hand over your real number.

Giving the platform your real number is surrendering a key piece of personal information which will ultimately result in you being harassed by spam calls if the company sells your information to another business – a common practice. The best thing that you can do instead is give out a virtual number as this is often virtual through Cloud SIM App and won’t put you at risk.

How to Use a Virtual Number to Register With Shien Cloud SIM App

Using Cloud SIM App for Shien Accounts

If you want to get around the need to use your phone number to register for websites like this, then you can use a virtual number provided by us to do it instead. We make it easy for anybody to set up and connect a valid UK number that can be accessed from wherever you are, so it’s easy to register for this type of website.

This is a completely legitimate way of registering for the platform, as the only reason you are required to provide a number is to make sure that you are not a bot trying to access the site for malicious or spam purposes. With this in mind, it’s definitely something that we recommend, because it can drastically help improve the number of spam calls you don’t receive on a regular basis.

It’s very easy to create a brand-new travel number to use any way that you are, and we are more than happy to assist you with this. You should never need to give out your actual number for creating an account on any website, as there are multiple ways that you can generate another number instead.


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