Do You Need a Virtual Business Number as a Private Tutor?

Do You Need a Virtual Business Number as a Private Tutor? Cloud SIM App

Becoming a private tutor is incredibly rewarding, but you need to be able to draw clear boundaries between your work and personal life. For this reason, many private tutors choose to get a business number, and here at Cloud SIM App, we feel that you would benefit from a virtual business number. Here are some of the top reasons why.

Separating Work and Home Life‍

If you have one number for your work and home life, it can seem like the two merge together more frequently than you’d like. You may find yourself answering enquiries when you’re trying to relax or feeling like you’re constantly waiting on a phone call.

If you use a virtual number, then you can keep your life separate from your career and put down the virtual number for the weekend or in the evenings. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to both job satisfaction and mental health‍.

Draw Clear Boundaries With Parents and Students

As part of your work, you would likely form relationships with the parents of your students as you inform them of their progress. However, many parents are often known to become overenthusiastic about their child’s learning and will often seek you out to have conversations or simply make enquiries about how things are progressing.

If you want to draw clear boundaries between yourself and your clients, you need to have a virtual number that you can disconnect from when you are not working. Otherwise, you may find yourself answering more than one phone call at the weekend to provide a progress update that really could’ve waited until Monday morning. ‍

Control Who Has Access To Your Personal Information

Your personal information is understandably important to you, and we live in a world where you have the right to control who gets access to this information. You may not be comfortable giving out your personal contact information to clients because you may value your privacy.

This is perfectly understandable and a great opportunity to use a virtual phone number because you can give it to as many people as you like, and it is not personal information.

Communicate With Other Teachers and Tutors‍

As a private tutor, you will probably work with other tutors and teachers in the local area who can help you with specialist knowledge or simply provide you with resources. If you have a virtual phone number, you can give it to them and easily network with them at your discretion, but also be able to maintain a level of privacy and safeguard your personal information.

Do You Need a Virtual Business Number as a Private Tutor? Cloud SIM App

Cloud SIM App Offers Virtual Numbers

If you need virtual phone numbers for your tutoring business, then Cloud SIM App is happy to help. We can provide you with as many virtual phone numbers as you need, so it’s easy to create boundaries between your work and professional life and also to safeguard valuable personal information. As a private tutor, you definitely need a virtual phone number.

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